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It’s a business necessity if you process credit cards. You must prove compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) controls. Failure leads to lost sales, broken partnerships, fines, or loss of card processing privileges. Even worse, mastering PCI DSS pulls time and money from the rest of your business operations.

Securisea delivers full PCI DSS assessments as well as testing, implementation, and advisory services for organizations that need independently documented compliance validation. These on-demand and ongoing services deliver Securisea’s exceptional expertise and customer care for a wide range of businesses and industries.

PCI DSS Assessments

PCI assessments are essential for demonstrating compliance. These in-depth assessments of current compliance efforts detail everything that must be done to improve security and reporting. Without this essential information, it is all but impossible to prove compliance to acquiring banks, third party service providers, governmental regulators, customers, vendors or business partners. Assuming full compliance is documented, Securisea will issue a full Report on Compliance, the gold standard in terms of documenting PCI Compliance for merchants and service providers worldwide.

PCI Gap Assessment

The next step after a Securisea PCI Assessment is a thorough PCI Gap Analysis of the results to highlight what needs to be done for full compliance, when it must be done, and the best/most cost-efficient strategy for making it happen. More importantly, any actions taken to generate compliance must be carefully planned to avoid disruption to normal daily business operations.

PCI Penetration Testing

A crucial step in any PCI compliance effort is a PCI Penetration Test to ensure that all network devices and applications have correct and working security controls in place and are working as intended. Securisea’s experienced security staff provides a full range of industry-specific penetration tests that quickly and accurately expose any remaining security exposures that need to be fixed.

Securisea’s staff will work with your IT and security administrators to ensure that each penetration test is rigorous and safe. No data or systems will be put at undue risk, and data integrity will be preserved. More importantly, normal business operations can continue without delay or interruption.

At the end of the PCI Penetration Test, a Securisea Qualified Security Assessor will review the results with staff, administrators and management, along with an action plan for correcting any PCI compliance issues or security exposures. As with Securisea’s other PCI service offerings, your organization can perform the work, we can work with your staff as part of the knowledge transfer process, or our staff can handle all remediation efforts.

PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire

Many organizations choose to self-certify PCI compliance through a PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). A SAQ can save substantial time and money. However, any oversight in the SAQ process puts the entire PCI compliance effort at risk.

The PCI standard does not require QSA assistance or oversight in preparing or reviewing an SAQ prior to submission. However, many acquiring banks do require QSA review and a signed Attestation of Compliance before an SAQ is filed. Even when a QSA review is not mandatory, organizations often seek the advice of a QSA in order to ensure that everything in the SAQ has been completed correctly.

Securisea has helped many organizations with their SAQ process, and with their SAQ questionnaires. Our staff is at your disposal as your organization self-assesses, including full QSA review and Attestation of Compliance.

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No matter which service(s) you choose, Securisea delivers top-tier expertise developed across a wide range of businesses and industries. Your staff can concentrate on your core business, secure in the knowledge that your PCI concerns have been fully addressed.

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